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What if you never knew your grandfather because he allegedly died early in life from natural causes, and one day an elderly gentleman informs you that your grandfather died of “lead poisoning”?

That real-life event prompted author and San Jose’s Sam’s BBQ owner, Sam Carlino to discover his grandfather and great uncle control the flow of prohibition alcohol in Colorado before their gruesome and bloodied separate assassinations in 1931.  “Colorado’s Carlino Brothers” provides newspaper accounts, intimate photographs and surprising revelations, including the confirmation that his grandfather Pete Carlino met with crime boss “boss of all bosses” Salvador Maranzano in New York before his murder under the orders of Charles “Lucky” Luciano, and that both men’s September 10, 1931 assassinations may not have been a coincidence.


Congratulations Sam Carlino on the successful launch of your riveting book on Amazon.  It was an honor to assist you in this journey.


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Silicon Valley Law Group, through corporate attorneys Bernard Vogel and Bill Bretschneider, advised Cosmopolitan Catering, LLC (See, Silicon Valley’s premier full-service corporate catering and café management company, in connection with its acquisition by Compass Group USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of United Kingdom based Compass Group PLC, a global leader in contract foodservice and hospitality.  See  Congratulations to Cosmopolitan Catering’s owners, Rick Angelini and Jake Caputo, on their joining the Compass Group USA family of companies.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with, and appreciated the levelheaded professionalism of the professional members of the Compass Group USA team.

Please contact Bernard Vogel if you would like more information about how SVLG’s corporate transactions team can help your business.

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Wun Systems, LLC is an award-winning and fast-growing leader in the coworking and shared workspace sector located in Florida, serving more than 80,000 members in just under 500 locations globally. WUN Systems’ intelligent workspace management platform delivers the software, hardware, and support services required to open new shared workspaces, improve existing workspaces or monetize vacant or underutilized space with the goal to increase revenue, maximize productivity and build community for its members.  KUBE by WUN empowers operators and members with greater accessibility when it comes to billing, booking spaces, managing opportunities and communication. To learn more about WUN Systems, visit

Yardi Systems, Inc. based in Santa Barbara, California, develops and supports industry-leading investment and property management software for all types and sizes of real estate companies and serves clients worldwide.  For more information visit

The synergy between the real estate market and the “coworking and shared workspace” market makes this relationship a natural fit and strengthens both of our offerings,” said Dale Hersowitz, CEO at WUN Systems.